Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What's the big idea?

So it's finally here! We've got to start writing something today, so we all probably have figured out the general concept of our graphic novels. What's yours?

Mine will be a scifi/adventure story taking place in a near future where virtual reality has become so advanced that the entire country regularly engages in a combat game twice daily, all taking place withing the blink of the eye. Think of it as playing Unreal Tournament in the real world, in your work place or on the subway. Things blow up, people blow up, but once the fifteen minute game is over, things go right back to normal and you're right where you were before the game started. The story will investigate a world where ultraviolence is a normal part of recreation, where corporate entities are like gods shaping reality and what happens when a society so used to pretend violence is confronted with very real, very deadly acts of terrorism.

I envision the book I am writing this month to be only the very beginning of a saga. A "Book One" if you will. I can't wait to finally start.

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