Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Ob-Stackles in My Way

The amount of research I've had to do (and will continue to have to do) is really hampering my progress. (And I reeeeeally need to interview some blind and deaf people still!) So far, I have 120 pages pretty strictly plotted, with pretty loose scripting. Every time I get twenty-or-so pages further, I stop and think to myself, Waitaminnut... would that even happen? And then I have to get several hours of research in. And about half the time, I've had to go back and reformulate the story to keep it at least plausible.

Still, progress is pretty steady and I should definitely have all the pages plotted out by month's end. I'm pretty sure that a full script is unrealistic at this point, but if I can have all the pages plotted and about 150 pages scripted, I'll be very excited.

I'm beginning to include more action than I had originally intended, fearing that the story wouldn't have enough draw if I stuck merely to the cerebral. Now I'm fearing that it'll be too "light." Too—pardon the term—comic booky. Really, I think I'm making a great editor for myself as I'm so brutal toward my ideas in my need to produce something that isn't cliche. At least, that's what it's like in my head.

Here's hoping the world in my head bears some resemblance to reality as others perceive it!

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