Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Stretch

So there's two days left on the official NaGraNoWriMo calendar and I finally finished plotting my story out page-by-page last night. It was tough - as I ran into some serious writer's block last week and didn't produce anything for six days (I assuaged my conscience by drowning it in Elder Scrolls IV and several movies). Currently, my plot calls for about 250 pages, but I think it will probably balloon by about 25% as I nail down script and art (which will actually take me to right around where I had originally planned to be).

So, while it's not realistic to imagine that I could have the script finished by tomorrow night, I'm still pretty happy with my progress. My new goal is to have a second draft of the script delivered into a critical friend's hands for review and advice by New Year's.

I'll post my final NaGraNoWriMo progress on Friday.

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