Monday, February 26, 2007

Done. Sorta.

So I'm finished. Instead of one month, it took three and a half. But I did go 100 pages over our 175 page goal. So I don't know exactly how that translates. Knowing what I know now - what I've learned from the process - I'd say I could definitely do a 175 page script in a month. But I'd need two months to do a good one.

So what now? I did a read through on Saturday, cleaning up dialogue, recasting some panel layouts. I have two bits that I still need write. One just says
CAROLYN: [quote from Kant]
in which I need to find the appropriate quote from Kant. And the other is a paragraph on the power of falsehood (a la Eco) that I just need to take the time to think out and write up.

After those two things get done, I'm going to print out a few copies to hand out to suitably critical folk to get a good critique. And then? After I get their comments back and implement any changes I'll need to take care of based on their impressions? Then I start the art. That parts got me far more nervous than anything else associated with the project. I'm not sure I've got the stuff. I know my weaknesses as an artist. But I still want to give it a shot.

*sigh* This is where I start crossing my fingers.


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The Dane said...

Thanks Dave! This is the first time I've written anything longform and let me tell you: it kicked my butt. It was exhausting. Exhausting but rewarding: I now feel like a superhero.