Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Past Deadline

So you know what happened? You know how I was going to try to finish my first draft of Influence by the end of the year, by 31 December 2006? Something happened that got in my way. A duo of villains initiated themselves into my life and duly hampered my noble work.

And who could these dastardly souls be? Why none other than An Oppressive Need to Finish Playing Oblivion and his foul sidekick, The Winter Holidays and Associated Parties and Hooplah. *sigh*

Still, I'm proud to announce that I am still making progress, chipping away at the beast while its minions harry me at every turn. I've successfully scripted and laid out (in simple thumbnails) forty-five pages my baby behemoth. Hoorah for that, eh?

One very real difficulty I am facing, though, is a ballooning of content. What I was anticipating to be a 325-page book is looking more and more like a 400+-page book. Which, among other things, just means I'll have that much more to draw. *double sigh*

Ah well. Wish me luck :)

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